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Products — Photochromic Lens
Key Lens Benefits

Clear as a clear lens indoors
100% UV protection
The most advanced technology makes it
More reactive to indirect light
More reactive in hotter temperatures
Wear their glasses most of the time
Active urban lifestyle,switching between in & out doors,aesthetics important
Want clear lenses indoors and comfort outdoors-do not seek intense darkness
Light indoor filter minimises irritation due to fluorescent and LED lights
Available in Grey & Brown

Essilor Group Technology Supports Spin Coating Photochromic Lens

Photochromic Lenses will change colors when they are exposed in the sun,the hard light and ultraviolet will be blockked.While in the indoor,without sunshine,the lens will revert to white and transparent.

100% UV protection

UV accelerate the appearance of cataract:20 millions of surgeries are performed every year worldwide.The New collection of Spin coating photochromic lenses lauched by See World can protect eyes from Utraviolet.Whats more,it can be used as clear white glasses,sunglasses and goggles.


  Brown Gray
Indoor Clarity 90% 90%
Outdoor darkness at 10 87% 89%
Outdoor darkness at 23 75% 80%
Outdoor darkness at 35 59% 65%
Time to fade to 70% clear at 23 15% faster than regular spin coating photochromic lenses

Spin Coating photochromic Gray Plot
Performance at 23C,hard coated lenses
Spin Coating photochromic Brown Plot
Performance at 23C,hard coated lenses
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