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About Us

As a professional lens manufacturer, See World Optics Co., Ltd. continuously provides solutions for optical use. Provide all consumers with different optical experiences.Our products covers low & medium & high indexes, single vision & progressive, white & photochromic lens. 
Based on Essilor France and SHAMIR Israel technologies, our Rx lab developed a variety of new design products : Double Aspheric & Relax & Reading & Driving & Intouch & Autograph & Myopia control lens. No matter what kind of environment you are in, and from what kind of eye position to use to watch the text and scenery, you can always have a clear vision experience with low visual barrier. 
In the Recent years, See World Optics Co., Ltd. kept providing customers with many choices of new products, including products are anti-blue light , hydrophobic , anti-oil, anti-scratch, low reflection, anti-fog, anti-infrared, anti-glare, etc. 
With excellent and stable discoloration & fading performances, our 1.56 photochromic lens won the National Science and Technology Innovation Award.
Our lens with PRIMER coating can pass the FDA and CE certification.
Our aspherical lens, integrated with higher technology, optimized phase difference, can provide with a wide field of vision. The lenses are thinner, more light and more comfortable to wear.
It is our enterprise¡¯s mission to continuously promote the development of optical products and improve the customer¡¯s experiences by using science and technology. See a Better World,see a Better You! It is our commitment to the world, and is also the goal that every employee in our company pursues!

See a beautiful world,See a beautiful you!

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