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The damage of blue ray

The blue ray will go directly to the retina passing through the cornea and the lens of the eyes,which will cause eyestrain,shortsightedness,blurring of image and other situation.

Common lenses

See World anti-blue ray lens

Common lenses dont have the function to prevent the blue ray,which makes the blue ray go directly to the eyes that can cause macular degeneration of the retina and finally lead to blindness.

See World anti-blue ray lens has intelligent anti-blue ray coating,which can avoid blue ray to damage macular and
gives omnibearing protection to eyes.

Intelligent anti-blue ray technology (Filter harmful light,keep good light)
Keep the transmittance of the visible lights and retain the good blue-green lights from blue lights to ensure the visual sharpness and the comfort of the view.Blue-green light is powerful synchronizer of human biological clock,which controls the body of sleep - wake cycle,calms down emotions,improves memory and regulate body temperature.

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